by Bach & Blüte


About the artist - Bach & Blüte

These two Odonien originals have been united for over one decade now, channeling their contrasting personas to create unusual & effective sound. An open minded creative approach meets quality sound design, resulting from a sound engineering background, years of club promoting and countless crowd pleasing DJ gigs. Like a well-oiled machine, the two stategists shift gears and operate over a bizarre wave of thrust and catharsis.


Track 1 "Bei Nacht" (At Night) has a dark & ominous electric vibe. Imagine excessively dancing in the eye of a thunderstorm, feeling connected to nature but also being a little bit scared that it might be your last dance.
Track 2 "Am Tag Danach" (The Day After) is a deep, atmospheric track with an emphasis on moody sound effects, moments of beauty and clarity alternate with suspense evoking basslines while steady percussive elements guide the way.


Produced by Bach&Blüte
"Bei Nacht" mixed by Bach&Blüte
"Am Tag Danach" mixed by Manuel Ortúzar
Mastered by Manuel Ortúzar