Boys don't cry
by Hyeena


The cologne based duo Hyeena are making their debut on Odonien Records with two energetic club tracks that won’t give you no chance to calm down on the dance-floor.

Raw kicks, breaks, electro, trance and gabber inspired sounds from their analog machines have been transformed to a Megatron ready to take control over bodies and minds.

Heartbreaker seduces with trance infected emotive synths and the sweetness of happy hardcore leaning voice samples and will make you surrender your body to the steadiness of the rhythmic bassline.

Safe word is a electro trance hybrid applying more pressure, constantly increasing your pain and pleasure with evolving arp synths and bass lines, playful breaks and lashing out percussion sequences. You’ll be asking to be spanked a little harder with those 155 bpm.

The third track is provided by cologne based Irina C. as a counterpart to Hyeenas dancefloor oriented rhythmic music. She composed the soundtrack for her own imaginary 90s sci-fi b-movie „Armageddon im Weltall“.