Die Rückkehr der spätrömischen Demenz Part II
by Optimal


We are optimal. You are optimal. We are optimal!
With this mantra, the two storm visionaries Wahrscheinlich/Automatik usually greet their dancing audience. Clear.
The brothers, who grew up in the tranquil Morkepütz, create and shape their dadaistic sound art together. Somewhere between slick pop steam hammer and tricky murmur. The common thread: With heart. Without filter. Intoxicatingly fat or hard disturbing. Goosebumps or question marks. Clear.One word:
Emerging from the formation Alugobi, Optimal have finally dissected, deep-fried and manifested their version of the post-capitalist, pre-apocalyptic world order:

Die Rückkehr der Spätrömischen Demenz Part II. Clear.

Debut.Caesura.Marathon.Milestone.Escape.Resurrection: Optimal!!!